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Blueprint Redesign

It’s unpleasant when you build something that is never used. It’s rare that you build something that’s meaningful and relevant to you. This almost always means that it’s also useful to other like-minded people. This is one of those rare projects.

This was the first of two Community projects in 2012. I’ve already written about Satori. Considering that I live in Bombay, it’s strange that the first Community project was the redesign of a blog based in Malta!

Paul Grech is a well established blogger who I follow on Twitter. Since he’s already blogged about the redesign and he’s a much better writer, you can read his notes on the redesign at Blueprint.

The Redesign

Since it’s hosted on Blogger, the lack of development flexibility meant that it was always going to be a pain implementing the changes. The idea was to  follow House’s Razor to the tee: the best solution is the least painful 1 .  

The goal was simple: to bring the writing into focus. The steps involved were: i) get rid of the banner [rant below]; ii) use a pleasant typeface; iii) put in some primary colours.  

I realised a couple of things: i) Constraints aren’t always a bad thing. The enforced simplicity of thought lends itself to the final presentation; ii) Under every template hides a good version of that template. If you keep removing stuff, you will find it.

Content Not in Focus

I don’t understand websites where you have to scroll to bring the content into focus. The article should be in focus without that annoying 100px, 200px, sometimes 300px scroll.

Screenshot Alistapart Screenshot Designspiration Screenshot Forbes Screenshot Letterboxd Screenshot Liverpoolfc Screenshot Soccernet Screenshot Twitter Screenshot Wired


I designed a couple of posters as ‘artwork’ that Paul could use on media outlets like Twitter. The posters featured the writing prowess of Simon Kuper and the interviewing ninjatsu of Sid Lowe. The writers themselves were inspired by the madness of Johan Cruijff and Juanma Lillo – two of the greatest, most eccentric thinkers of the modern game. 3

Johan Cruijff Poster Words By Simon Kuper

“After the Dips had landed in FLorida for a training camp, the bus driver got them lost. Cruijff had mever been to the place before. However, he immediately went to the front of the bus and standing beside the driver, dictated the correct route. He often used to direct taxi drivers in cities he didn’t know. Madddeningly he usually tuened out to be right.

Cruijff had opinions on everthing. He advised golfer Ian Woosnam on his swing. He said the traffic lights in Amsterdam were in the wrong places, which gave him the right to ignore them. His old teammate van Hanegem recalls Cruijff teaching him how to insert coins into a soft-drink machine. Van Hanegem had been wrestling with the machine until Cruijff told him to use a”short, dry throw.: Maddeningly his method worked.

In 1994 Johan Cruijff helped set up a youth football philosophy in cultured Catalunia that centered around ‘Rondo Rondo Rondo’ (piggy in the middle).”

Blueprint Type Samples
These are simple type samples with my favourite typeface Scala (which I couldn’t use on the live site because it was near the end of the month).